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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a facility where children and toddlers can play?Can i use it

    There is a children's corner in the lobby.
  • Do you have a personal computer

    No.We do not have computer.Please understand.
  • How many floors does the accommodation have?

    It's the 12th floor.
    *The public bath is on the 12th floor of the top floor.
  • Do you have chopsticks

    Yes.We rent chopsticks.
    In addition to chopsticks, we also rent spoons, forks, and plates.
    Please contact the front desk if you have any reqContinue reading
  • Can I fish in the area

    No.There is no place to fish around.
  • Is there a footbath in the surrounding area or in this facility?

    No.There is no footbath in the surrounding area or in the facility.
    Please understand.
  • Do you have an air conditioner

    Yes.All rooms are air-conditioned.
    There is an air conditioner control panel on the wall next to the bed.
    From that panel, it is possible toContinue reading
  • Do you sell ice cream

    We do not sell ice cream.
  • Can I get a receipt

    ■When paying locally
    Yes.Receipts are issued at the front desk.Please let us know when you pay.
    If you would like to issue it with your compContinue reading
  • Is there a bicycle parking lot?Please tell me the bicycle parking fee

    Yes.Please use the bicycle parking space in front of Asahikawa Station in the Times Tsuruha Building Asahikawa-Ekimae
    We will guide you freeContinue reading
  • Do you have a locker

    There are no lockers in the facility.
    Guests can store their luggage free of charge before check-in and after check-out.
    Please contact the Continue reading
  • Do you sell cakes

    We do not sell cakes in this facility.
  • Do you sell beer?Please tell me the beer fee

    There is a vending machine on the 12th floor.
    Alcohol is sold only on the 12th floor.
    A 35ml can costs 250 yen, and a 500ml can costs 300 yeContinue reading
  • Can you see fireflies in the area?

    No.There is no place to see fireflies in the surrounding area.
  • How many rooms are there in the property

    There are 101 semi-double rooms and 59 standard twin rooms.
  • Please tell me the email address of the accommodation

    The email address for inquiries is as follows.
  • Can I change the check-in time?

    Yes.Check-in time can be changed at the front desk.
    Please call us.
  • Where is the nearest bus stop

    There is a bus touch in front of the hotel, and buses to major tourist spots such as Asahikawa Airport (Platform 9) and Zoo (Platform 6) depContinue reading
  • Can I eat in a private room

    You cannot eat in a private room.
  • Can you open the window of the room

    Yes.Windows can be opened and closed in all rooms, but the opening range is small.
  • Is the bath in the room separate from the bath and toilet?

    No.It is a bathtub with a toilet.
  • Please tell me the size of the bed

    Bed size depends on room type.

    Twin Room:Length 195 cm x width 120 cm
    Semi-double Room:Length 195 cm x width 140 cm
  • Can you see the picture of the room

    Photos are posted on each internet site and homepage.*The image is a twin room
  • Can i go out

    Yes.There is no curfew.You are free to go out.
    *The front entrance is locked at 24:00 and can be unlocked by remote control with a card key Continue reading
  • Do you have a microwave

    It is located in the elevator hall from the 4th floor to the 12th floor.
    You can use it 24 hours a day, whenever you like.
  • Do you have toys for children and toddlers?

    We have a small amount available in the children's corner.
  • Do you have picture books

    There are picture books in the children's corner.
  • Is it possible to move inside the facility with indoor clothes (yukata) or slippers?

    Yes.Regarding the use of the large communal bath, you can use it in indoor clothes and slippers.
    In response to many requests, we have changContinue reading
  • I don't have a plan with breakfast, can I have breakfast?

    Yes.Available for 1430 yen per person.
    If you wish, please purchase and use the breakfast voucher at the front desk at check-in or on the daContinue reading
  • Is there a restaurant on site?Please tell me the business hours

    The restaurant serves breakfast only.
    Business hours are from 6:30 to 9:30.
    At the breakfast venue, we have changed so that indoor clothes aContinue reading

Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.